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Know what you want? Great. We love to execute on a homeowner's vision. Not sure whether to go mild or wild? That's where our consultative approach and vast experience shines. We'll come up with a concept that you'll love, and then we'll make it happen. 

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A home is a place of comfort and warm memories and, for most of us, our largest asset. It is an investment worth protecting and beautifying. For homes on the market for sale, real estate agents encourage homeowners to start with a freshly painted house.
Before exterior work begins, shrubbery, walks, railing and decks are covered with drop cloths, tape and plastic. Power washing is done to remove any dirt and mildew. This is followed by fastidious scraping, sanding and priming.

Beside our standard painting services we also offer Dry Erase Painting. Writing on the walls used to get you in trouble, now it's encouraged!  Transforms any wall into a writable surface and can be applied to virtually anything you can paint.

The Painting Company knows what is expected with a painting or staining job. We pride ourselves on performing your job on time, done right. That's our mission. So when you bring The Painting Company in for a painting or staining job, we bring the level of detail and professionalism that you expect. 
We can resurface an entire existing tile ceiling system in place with an acoustical coating, which is similar to, but higher in quality than the finish manufacturers apply to new tiles; providing a like-new appearance and better than new function.
Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating can be applied to basement floors, or any interior concrete floor. It can be used in some full outdoor applications, but the sun's UV rays may diminish the gloss finish, as well as fade the color over time.
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